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  • Coordinator of multilingual education with 12 years’ experience supporting the growth and excellence of linguistically and culturally diverse students
  • WIDA-trained practitioner skilled at using assessment data to drive instruction
  • Rapport-builder and motivational mentor with a strong record of engaging staff members and students at a high level
  • Deeply invested in reflective practice and collaborative professional development
  • Master of Arts in English as a Second Language (MAESL)
  • Authorized WIDA Trainer of Trainers for CLIMBS and Constructing Meaning Certified Leader


Career Highlights

  • Created and implemented policies for identification, placement and redesignation of district’s 3,500 multilingual learners across 11 schools, reducing errors by >75% and increasing successful placement by 90%
  • Delivered WIDA and Constructing Meaning training to hundreds of teachers, leading to improved targeted instruction
  • Facilitated an increase in district-wide WIDA scores by one-point average year over year
  • Coordinated district adoption of WIDA Screener and MODEL as language assessment and placement tools
  • Designed a multilingual learner service model for private International Baccalaureate (IB) district by incorporating
    WIDA and literacy data
  • Developed several department websites, leading to increase in teacher productivity and satisfaction
  • Co-founded newcomer academy for Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE) that helped
    students with educational gaps prepare for mainstream classrooms
  • Launched and managed an award-winning literacy volunteer program that provided students with over 3,000 hours of additional small group and one-on-one reading support



Adams 14 School District
Commerce City, CO | 2019 – Present
PreK-12 Culture and Language Development Coordinator

  • Created and implemented policies for identification, placement and redesignation of district’s 3,500 multilingual learners across 11 schools, reducing errors by >75% and increasing successful placement by 90%
  • Provide targeted professional development to over 400 teachers, 8 coaches, and 11 administrators on language acquisition and development theory, research, and practice which led to 78% increase in use of language scaffolds
  • Monitor progress of instructional improvement and make curricular adjustments to ensure student growth
  • Provide language-based data and guidance to principals, coaches and teachers to align expectations and ensure
    student growth
  • Support teachers and instructional coaches, especially related to language-specific differentiated instruction, intervention, and enrichment
  • Collaboratively develop instructional support plans for ELD teachers, content-area teachers, special educators and
    gifted and talented instructors
  • Support vertical articulation plans from elementary through high school (college readiness)
  • Conduct observations to promote teacher and coach accountability and ELD program fidelity
  • Aided the department director with $1.2 million budget, policy creation, planning, and other administrative duties



Daystar Academy
Beijing, China | 2016 – 2019
K-12 Language Support Services Coordinator | Licensed ESL Teacher

  • Designed district-level data-driven service model that aligns language instruction with classroom instruction
  • Created and launched teaching sample process for prospective English Language Learning (ELL) teachers;
    co-developed observation process for ELL staff; assisted principals with formal observations; revised services as needed
  • Collaborated with K-12 English and Chinese Curriculum Coordinators to ensure cohesive bilingual curriculum
  • Managed the collection, analysis, and reporting of program-wide standardized language assessment data
  • Led English Language Learning (ELL) department meetings and collaborated with 3 campus principals to provide language service support to teaching staff and 10 instructional leaders
  • Oversaw development and review of the ELL program, including initial and ongoing training of teaching staff
  • Created an extensive bilingual communications plan including bilingual parent meetings; built online parent resource center with bilingual handouts, slides and videos
  • Aided the department supervisor with $400,000 budgets, policy creation, planning, and other administrative duties


Banaadir Academy
Minneapolis, Minnesota | 2012 – 2016
Licensed ESL Teacher | Volunteer Coordinator | Associate Educator

  • Assessed over 200 incoming students for placement into ELL program using WIDA tiers and levels
  • Employed WIDA Can Do Descriptors, Model Performance Indicators (MPIs) and WIDA ELD standards to inform instruction, which contributed to the rise of test scores by an average of one level per year
  • Led a 5th-6th grade Professional Learning Community (PLC) which led to data-driven flexible grouping of students plus increased scaffolding for English Language Learners (ELLs) and increase in WIDA scores of 87%
  • Implemented and managed the Reading Buddy volunteer program, which won the 2016 University of Minnesota Outstanding Community Partner award and provided student with over 3,000 hours of additional literacy support
  • Co-founded a newcomer academy for Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE) that served a largely refugee urban population
  • Developed successful school-wide behavioral interventions and community outreach programs

Computer Explorers

Minneapolis, Minnesota | 2011 – 2012
Information Technology Instructor

  • Taught basic MS Office computer skills to culturally/linguistically diverse 3rd and 4th graders
  • Emphasized proficiency through student-centered, project-based learning
  • Achieved satisfied students with a broad range of projects completed


Australian Centre for Education and Training (University of Technology, Sydney)

Hanoi, Vietnam | 2009 – 2011
EFL Instructor

  • Taught collegiate-level academic English to young adult students from elementary to upper-intermediate proficiency, with a focus on writing and reading
  • Mentored incoming teachers in curriculum, pacing, management, and supplemental resources
  • Maintained a strong record of satisfied students with successful test results


Technology Experience

The Parent Company Inc. | LION Inc. | Greenback Entertainment Inc. 1999-2009
Product Manager | Web Designer | Front End Developer | Graphic Designer

  • Co-managed web site processes and development for seven multi-million-dollar retail web sites
  • Designed and built graphic user interfaces and managed web analytics
  • Maintained verifiably outstanding relationships with over 100 clients



Master of Arts English as a Second Language (Graduating in May 2016)
Hamline University, Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • 4.0 GPA , Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certified

Bachelor of Arts Liberal Arts
– 2012
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado

  • College of Liberal Arts Dean’s List

Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)
– 2009
Cambridge University through International House, Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Earned a Pass B – Top 15% of program graduates worldwide

Associate Degree of Applied Science Multimedia Design Technology
– 2001
Red Rocks Community College, Lakewood, Colorado

  • 4.0 GPA—Member of Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society



Shawn Fondow
Director of Elementary Programs
Banaadir Academy, Minneapolis
(623) 337-1860
(612) 328-3511
Colt Turner
Executive Director of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation
Daystar Academy, Beijing
+ 86  (010)


Eileen Harder
Culture and Language Development Coordinator

Adams 14 School District, Commerce City, CO