Reading Buddies Wins Awards

The Reading Buddies is a literacy-based volunteer program that I started with the help of Shawn Fondow.   It pairs college students with students at Banaadir Academy in a one on one setting that fosters growth in phonetic awareness, fluency and comprehension.

Outstanding Community Partner Award

U-of-M-Outstanding-Community-Partner-Award-2013-14After its first year, the program won the Outstanding Community Partner Award from the University of Minnesota’s Community Service-Learning Center.

Criteria for this award include:

  • receives positive feedback from students about their experience at the community organization
  • excels in all aspects of partnership: consistent communication, knowledge of service-learning pedagogy, and participation in our office’s committees and events
  • has a long history of working with us in innovative ways

2016 Presidents’ Community Partner Award

Minnesota-Campus-CompactLandscapeSMThe Reading Buddies also just won the 2016 Presidents’ Community Partner Award from the  Minnesota Campus Compact.

Criteria for this award include:

  • enhances the quality of life in the community in meaningful and measurable ways
  • engages in the development of sustained, reciprocal partnerships with the college or university
  • enriches educational as well as community outcomes

See list of other recipients.