Design and Usability

In my previous career in commercial web development, I built front-end processes for successful large-scale e-commerce sites using Adobe Creative Suite, web analytics, and usability data for 10 years. The process of engaging in usability testing paired with analytic data and my educational acumen, has given me a unique perspective on user/learner experience in an online environment.  The following displays these elements conveyed in design and user interaction.

User Interface Design

During school closure during the pandemic, we needed to shift our professional development needed to shift format. In order for teachers to make the most of their time, we developed a series of e-workshops that could be undertaken asynchronously when time was available.  We also used strong and weak examples that teachers analyzed and modeled our resources via Google

Classroom. We got great feedback from the teachers on the format and content.

Guidance During Remote Learning:

Identification and Placement of Multilingual Learners


Norming Student Writing and Setting Goals 

Including Language  Information in IEPs

Module 1: Introduction to WIDA

Module 2: Present Levels

Module 3: Special Considerations