Assessment / Differentiation / Technology

As an ESL practitioner, I believe firmly in assessment, planning, differentiation and reflection.  I use iPads and spreadsheets to engage in weekly formative assessment and reflection.  Further, I am experienced in administering the full suite of assessments from World-class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) as well as state standardized assessments.  Using this data, I have helped facilitate differentiated instruction for students with a wide range of varying backgrounds, interests and abilities by implementing supports, such as sentence frames/stems, realia, and interactive graphics, and flexible grouping.   I also believe strongly in using technology and have utilized the following software and services  to help differentiate instruction:  Reading A-Z, Readlive,  Read Works, Imagine Learning, Newsela, and Moodle.  Similarly, I employ the use of iPads, PowerPoint, Google Slides/Docs, Smartboards, and Promethean Boards to create dynamic differentiated teacher and student-generated content.  Through these classroom practices, I have assisted East African students to raise WIDA scores by an average of one full point year over year.  Moreover, I can show measurable gains in student writing through student work samples.


I believe in formative assessment and reflection.  To see a sample of my formative assessment, click here.


I also developed and managed a school-wide online knowledge base for teachers to pool and share resources and gain access to often-used forms and materials and managed Banaadir Academy’s website and published all of its content  for four  years.