I am a licensed ESL teacher with five years experience with students from diverse backgrounds.  I have taught academic English to students of all ages in Vietnam, technology use to suburban children and, most recently, academic English to new-to-country immigrants and refugees from East Africa for the last two and half years in an urban U.S. setting.

I believe all students can learn and thus am invested in each and every one of my students’ potential success.   It is my conviction that the purpose of education is two-fold: foundational and functional.  Educators should provide each student with the means to a strong and agile mind in the same way a trainer provides an athlete with a pathway to a powerful and agile body.  But we also need to provide the student with situational fluency and applicable skills the way that a mentor guides a mentee to thrive in a number of contexts.  At bottom, I love working with students of varied backgrounds and really enjoy watching students push themselves further than they thought they could go.