• Authorized WIDA CLIMBS Trainer

    As a firm believer in WIDA and its Can Do Philosophy, I am excited to be an authorized WIDA CLIMBS Trainer (Content and Language Integration as a Means of Bridging Success).

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  • Letters of Recommendation

    See what principals, directors and peers have said about my teaching and professionalism. Eileen Harder – Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Coordinator Kim Reynolds – Professional Development Manager Elizabeth Hardage

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  • About Me

    I am a licensed coordinator and educator with twelve years of experience supporting linguistically and culturally diverse students from all over the globe. Most recently, I have served as the PreK-12 Culture

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  • Parent Outreach

    Research shows that non-native speakers take an average of 4-7 years to attain academic English proficiency (Cummins, 1981; Snow, 1987; Collier, 1995).  It’s a long Journey, but one that is

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  • Reading Buddies Wins Awards

    The Reading Buddies is a literacy-based volunteer program that I started with the help of Shawn Fondow.   It pairs college students with students at Banaadir Academy in a one

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  • Reading Buddies Program Receives Local Press

    I was featured recently featured in Minnesota Monthly Magazine because the of the literacy-based volunteer organization that I created.   Read article 1 Read article 2 I was also selected as one

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I am a licensed ESL teacher with five years experience with students from diverse backgrounds.  I have taught academic English to students of all ages in Vietnam, technology use to suburban children and, most recently, academic English to new-to-country immigrants and refugees from East Africa for the last two and half years in an urban U.S. setting.

I believe all students can learn and thus am invested in each and every one of my students’ potential success.   It is my conviction that the purpose of education is two-fold: foundational and functional.  Educators should provide each student with the means to a strong and agile mind in the same way a trainer provides an athlete with a pathway to a powerful and agile body.  But we also need to provide the student with situational fluency and applicable skills the way that a mentor guides a mentee to thrive in a number of contexts.  At bottom, I love working with students of varied backgrounds and really enjoy watching students push themselves further than they thought they could go.

Assessment / Differentiation / Technology

As an ESL practitioner, I believe firmly in assessment, planning, differentiation and reflection.  I use iPads and spreadsheets to engage in weekly formative assessment and reflection.  Further, I am experienced in administering the full suite of assessments from World-class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) as well as state standardized assessments.  Using this data, I have helped facilitate differentiated instruction for students with a wide range of varying backgrounds, interests and abilities by implementing supports, such as sentence frames/stems, realia, and interactive graphics, and flexible grouping.   I also believe strongly in using technology and have utilized the following software and services  to help differentiate instruction:  Reading A-Z, Readlive,  Read Works, Imagine Learning, Newsela, and Moodle.  Similarly, I employ the use of iPads, PowerPoint, Google Slides/Docs, Smartboards, and Promethean Boards to create dynamic differentiated teacher and student-generated content.  Through these classroom practices, I have assisted East African students to raise WIDA scores by an average of one full point year over year.  Moreover, I can show measurable gains in student writing through student work samples.


I believe in formative assessment and reflection.  To see a sample of my formative assessment, click here.


I also developed and managed a school-wide online knowledge base for teachers to pool and share resources and gain access to often-used forms and materials and managed Banaadir Academy’s website and published all of its content  for four  years.

Cultural Responsiveness and Leadership

Cultural Responsiveness

As an ESL teacher, I value diversity as not only important but necessary to foster a well-rounded and productive educational environment.  In this regard, I have accomplished many things that have helped Banaadir Academy become a more culturally responsive school.  In order to address low first-language literacy and limited background knowledge about the U.S. education system, I collaborated with students to produce a series of bilingual training videos for SLIFE and their parents, detailing school procedures and norms.  An example video can be found at http://www.fossenbell.org/videos/.   In addition, I facilitated the creation and implementation of our school’s interpreting team.  Both of these initiatives led to a marked increase in parent-teacher communication.  In a similar vein, I implemented and managed the Somali Word of the Week initiative to help Western staff learn more about Somali language and customs.


See samples of my culturally responsive teaching here.



I have a documented history of taking initiative and holding leadership positions at every organization for which I have worked.  Most recently, I served as a Professional Learning Community (PLC) Lead for grades 5 and 6 and facilitated data-driven flexible grouping of students which has led to increased test scores and overall student success.  Further, I created, implemented and managed the award-winning Reading Buddy volunteer program, which has provided students over three thousand hours of extra small group and one-on-one support.  Lastly, I facilitated a school-wide transition to adopt the WIDA W-APT and MODEL for language assessment and placement.

Read more about the Reading Buddy Program

Reading Buddy Program wins award!

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